Clodagh + Raymond, Mullingar Park Hotel, Westmeath

When I first met Raymond and Clodagh we chatted for hours so I was delighted they selected me to capture their wedding day. This is my first venture to Westmeath, such a lovely area with fantastic locations for photographs. During my first visit to discuss details we visited a lough with an area where boats are stored. The colours were amazing and we listed this along with Belvedere House as a location for our photographs.  With the two locations I knew we would be able to capture stunning photographs.

On the day of the wedding my 2nd shooter looked after Raymond and his groomsmen and I stayed with Clodagh and her brides. Without going into the story I thank Paula for looking after them and making sure they arrived on time!!!  To say they were all laid back was a complete understatement! Clodagh looked absolutely amazing and with luck on our side we were able to visit both our locations (I think I would have cried if we didn’t get to the boats). I did hold my breath as Clodagh climbed into the boat but she was in safe hands, Raymond with plenty of sailing experience. Such a lovely couple and a fantastic day.