Click on image to access 2019 wedding brochure

Click on image to access 2019 wedding brochure

Just a little bit about my work before you view my brochure.

When you think of how your wedding will turn out you visualise the big moments but it's likely to be the little ones what stick in your mind.  For my own wedding I cannot remember walking down the aisle but I do remember my Dad having a pocket full of coins to throw to children (an old Northern tradition!) I remember being in fits of laughter thinking people will wonder what on earth is going on if he started throwing coins at them! But that's totally my Dad and it's one of my stronger memories from my day.  

So how does this fit with my style of photography? Throughout the day I am looking to capture all these honest moments of people and the connections they have. I don't want to provide you with a two dimensional image of an event, I want to create a feeling of what it was to be like at your wedding. A memory of that person, that relationship is a wonderful thing. Some memories will fade with time but the truth of you, the person you love, the way you felt and the friendships you have will transcend time and will always be important. 

How do you achieve this? The very best photographs are of couples who kick back, enjoy their day and let it flow. I want couples to look at their photographs and recall an amazing day filled with laughter and love. During your day I remain in the background only stepping in when needs be to help make your day run smoothly. I do of course organise group and bridal party photographs and take all the normal ones you require. But for the couple portraits I guide you with simple portraits, step back and allow you to provide me with beautiful authentic photographs of your true self. 

So if you're looking for a relaxed alternative to the traditional wedding then you can access my current brochure by clicking on the image to the left. It contains all the fine details along with pricing.  If you like what you see just get back in touch to book or arrange a meet up!

Jude x